Engaging Returning Citizens

In order for the necessary programs and resources to be developed that will support returning citizens, it is paramount to promote an understanding of a valuable and often ignored resource: the formerly incarcerated who have successfully transitioned back into society. Through strategic outreach, and the networks of our partners, the campaign will ensure that formerly incarcerated individuals play a starring role in each of the other initiatives listed below.

State By State Screening Series

The campaign will develop state-specific strategies in targeted locations, coordinated with reentry events or programming already in development. Screenings of the film will feature local stakeholders; law enforcement, district attorneys, judges, state and city agencies and staff that implement reentry programming, corrections officers, substance abuse clinicians, churches and ministries, other NGOs and key personnel.

Screenings will include facilitated conversations to work toward local solutions, including but not limited to: sharing best practices, establishing a local speaker’s bureau for the formerly incarcerated, and any other activities that help to build a seamless connection between prisons and jails and community-based programs.

Community Screening Series

Recognizing the need to educate communities about the realities of incarceration and offer opportunities to get involved, the general public will be included in screening conversations in order to provide an interconnected framework of support for returning citizens. Politicians, reentry or corrections staff or local residents who were formerly incarcerated and are now serving as mentors will be invited to speak about the issues from a local perspective. Conversations will revolve around breaking down common stereotypes and barriers specific to their location. Intended outcomes from these events include increased involvement from the community in mentoring, donation and volunteer opportunities within local reentry programming.

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Prison Screening Series

Beyond the Wall will continue to screen in correctional facilities. Through these screenings the campaign aims to stimulate new conversations about reentry and support preparation of individuals for release. Ultimately, this can strengthen reentry and create more successful transitions into treatment programs.

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Discussion Guide

A campaign-focused discussion guide will provide additional resources for further involvement in the campaign. The guide will include questions and other prompts for conversation following the film and will be listed for any group screening the film with action opportunities. Additional anecdotes that could not be included in the film but may be helpful in the discussion of criminal justice reform will be included as well.

Digital Memes

The After Incarceration, There’s Life campaign relies on the understanding of complex issues and, often, the breaking down or reassessing of previously-held beliefs. The campaign intends to reach a wide audience—outside of it’s screening series—by producing a number of digital materials, soundbytes, infographics and memes that will be created to help spread the philosophy and ideas of the campaign on social media. These pieces can be easily adopted and re-branded by organizations working within the criminal justice reform space and will be highly share-able.