America’s post-prison problem

“Beyond the Wall” explores the struggles of staying sober after incarceration. Louis Diaz was a legend in the Lowell, Massachusetts, projects where he was raised. “I grew up hearing about Louis stealing cars. I wanted to steal one better,” says Billy Cabrera. More than 20 years and one prison sentence…...

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Q&A With a Second Chance Citizen

Carlos Cervantes was incarcerated at the age of 16, facing a sentence of 35 years to life. While in prison, he took steps to put his life on a more positive path, and became one of the first inmates to graduate from the Palo Verde Community College program at Ironwood…...

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From Facing Fears to Master Barber: Billy’s Story

Beyond the Wall follows five formerly incarcerated men who are attempting to rebuild their lives on the outside with little support from our criminal justice system. One of these men, Billy Cabrera, is a former drug addict and prisoner. Billy had a dream of becoming a Master Barber and opening…...

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