Getting Beyond the Wall

A 12-session Program to Prepare for Successful Reentry

Getting Beyond the Wall is a 12-session program for incarcerated or recently released participants to build the awareness, insight and skills to maximize their ability to engage in successful re-entry. Working with the documentary film Beyond the Wall, participants will follow the stories of a small community of men released from prison who are attempting to rebuild their lives while remaining crime free and drug free. Using their stories as guides, participants will build the skills, confidence and resilience necessary to navigate the many challenges and obstacles encountered when leaving prison. Through practices of meditation, journaling and story exploration, participants will be supported to envision clear and useful ways to engage in whatever comes next.

Why Do This:

  • Have more access to internal strengths and resources
  • Increase ability to manage self-sabotaging challenges and negative projections of self
  • Develop self-confidence and resilience
  • Have more positive relationships with others

Getting Beyond the Wall will be available for purchase later this year.